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Purpose & Essence

Purpose and Essence

Circle symbolizes space ensconced in harmony; infinite in time and motion and symbolizing the integrity of character, the depth of shape and identity. Its smooth and seamless contours signify alignment between the internal and external; a fine balance between the competing forces of stability and change.


The logo of MindShare is a cluster of five partially intersecting circles held in harmony within a circular domain and connected to a core purpose at the center. Each circle exemplifying a living mind; separate, yet connected in shared endeavour to a common core. Each circle seemingly unique with distinct style and characteristics. Each circle full and replete, and yet part of the mosaic of synergy, motion and continuity.

The logo reflects the power of connected minds. The power of focused intent. The power of commitment to the core ideology that shapes vision and goals and drives purposeful action.


The logo represents MindShare’s vision of leveraging the shared energy for catalyzing, unleashing and actualizing individual and collective purpose, aspirations, talents and motivations -all critical processes in building and sustaining institutional capabilities.


To help integrate people and organizations in mutual value creation.


  1. -To enable organizations to review and evaluate human resource systems, processes and policies to improve HR – strategy fit and alignment and creating capabilities for self diagnosis, self correction and change.
  2. -To help organizations develop and implement robust strategies, systems and processes for sourcing ,managing, rewarding and developing people and talent.
  3. -To help organizations improve and develop the knowledge and skills of their employees for sustained operational and strategic success.
  4. -To provide new insights on developments in human resource management in the domain of theory and at the workplace through research, documentation and dissemination of relevant information.
  5. -To work closely with our clients as partners in problem identification, development and execution of problem solving strategies and programme evaluation.


About us: 



MindShare HR Consultancy was set up in the year 2002 with the objective of providing excellence in the domain of HR Consulting-(Management and Development). The company was established by Mr. Ashok Bhat with a vision to provide upgraded and enhanced HR consulting services to its clients.


MindShare, over the years, has facilitated a range of assignments for its domestic and overseas clients. It has built a reputation for itself as an HR Consulting and Training firm providing quality excellence in its products and services.  MindShare HR is committed to helping organisations design, develop, implement and renew human resource policies and practices that will fulfill the simultaneous goals of achieving and sustaining individual and organisational growth and renewal.





MindField resources

Based in Dubai, Mindfield Resources is a leading HR Consulting, Search and Training Organization. It prides itself as being the one-stop shop for all HR solutions in the MENA Region. Mindfield strives to partner it’s esteemed clients in turning their aspirations for Change, Growth, Dominance, Sustainability, etc into reality by building or strengthening the organizational capabilities critical to support the processes.