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4 Ways to Embrace Crowdsourced Knowledge | Customer Experience | CRM Buyer

Traditional knowledge management programs focus on distilling knowledge into systems of record, which end up being underutilized, chiefly because they cannot contain the long tail of knowledge. Conversely, nowhere are successful KM programs as impactful as where they intersect the customer experience — from customer support to sales to marketing and product development. Learning and Development …

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Why Cargill Is So Good at Performance Management | CEB Blogs

It’s not news that most performance management systems and processes are failing, sometimes spectacularly. Microsoft is the latest in a line of big firms to experiment with a new approach. Agricultural producer and distributor, Cargill’s changes to its performance management saw 70% of employees say they felt more valued. Performance Management Read the complete article

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Can Nonprofit Boards Suffer From Agenda Deficits?

In a recent study of 772 for-profit and nonprofit directors from around the world, McKinsey & Company found that 25% of the sample assessed their board impact as moderate or low, “… while others reported having a high impact across bo… Non-Governmental Organizations Read the complete article

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Gender equality: The employer's obligation

Recent legislative changes in the area of workplace gender equality mean greater obligations for employers under the new reporting framework and the anticipated expansion of those obligations over time.  Diversity Management Read the complete article

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Women Rights and Gender Equality

Many Iranian women activists who live in the Islamic Republic, and several of those campaigners whom I have interviewed, have shed light on the reality of women’s rights under Rouhani’s presidency…. Diversity Management Read the complete article

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