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Domain of Consulting

MindShare brings together a diverse body of knowledge and expertise with a multisectoral focus. It has built and established a range of HR practice which recognizes and emphasizes the uniqueness of four sectors, namely the corporates, non-profits, public systems and public institutions/associations, and yet connects them through a common thread. MindShare has designed and evolved a number of HR perspectives, models and methods that address the needs and priorities of the four sectors by helping:


The Corporates design and implement the complete range of HR strategies, processes and practices that enhance their competitiveness and ability to transform themselves.


The Developmental/Non Profit Organisations in integrating applied research, participatory processes and capacity building as a basis for sustained social, economic, political and psychological development of individuals, communities and societies.


The Government Bodies and Public Systems in building and sustaining capabilities for equitable and transparent delivery of services and promoting HR related systems and processes that emphasise accountability for results, work efficiency, customer orientation and meritocracy.


The Associations and Professional Bodies in strengthening institutional development processes through envisioning, goal/value clarification and leadership & human resource development strategies and systems.


Domain of consulting