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Programme Director:
Mr. Ashok Bhat
MindShare HR Consultancy Private Ltd.
Programme Convener:
Ms. Anuradha Das Gupta
MindShare HR Consultancy Private Ltd.


In an era of turbulence and workplace uncertainty, stemming from reorganization and competitive pressures, employees are increasingly seeking opportunities to clarify organizational expectations as a means to enhancing their career advancement, earning and accomplishing stability of tenure and achieving deeply embedded goals and aspirations. All forward looking organizations are responding to these employee concerns by taking recourse to Mentoring as a powerful learning process to help employees in their psycho-social and professional growth through exposure, visibility, coaching and challenging work assignments.

Many organizations including public and private sector companies are in the process of embarking on a long term programme to institutionalize Mentoring as a strategy for employee retention and development, and in consequence, enhancing intellectual capital within the organization.

The workshop will help participants strategically position the Mentoring system in their organizations and gain appreciation of the processes and skills required in their role as Mentors.


The workshop will help the participants to:

  • Acquire complete understanding of the mentoring process and its impact on employee motivation, learning and behavior.
  • Gain appreciation of and experiment with critical mentoring skills.
  • Develop insight into one’s mentoring competencies as a basis for further honing mentoring skills.
  • Propose a strategy and systems for institutionalizing mentoring in their respective organizations.

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Ms. Anuradha Das Gupta
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