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It’s Time to Split HR

It’s time to say good-bye to the Department of Human Resources. Well, not the useful tasks it performs. But the department per se must go. I talk with CEOs across the globe who are disappointed in their HR people. They would like to be able to use their chief human resource officers (CHROs) the way […] …

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5 Difficult People and How to Work With Them

I believe that people are the most stressful part of any job. That sounds harsh. After all, most people are the best part of any job, providing social interaction and supporting skills. But others… well, some are so difficult to …Read » Learning and Development Read the complete article

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The 17 worst terms HR can find on resumes

There are 17 terms that HR pros and hiring managers have identified as major turn-offs on resumes. These terms were identified in a CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Poll and included respon… Learning and Development Read the complete article

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Neurodiversity: A New Talent Opportunity

Diversity is crucial to driving business growth and encouraging innovative thinking. Multiple and varied voices, perspectives and experiences can help generate new ideas about products and practices. Forbes Insights examined the link between diversity and corporate innovation multiple times; the title of “Global Diversity and Inclusion:  Fostering Innovation Through a […] Diversity Management Read the complete …

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