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Action Learning in an Intercultural Setting

Introduction Action learning is the process of learning by reflecting, questioning and gaining insight through our own actions. The basic premise of action learning is that we learn not only by reading, listening or acquiring knowledge, but also by doing things differently. Going one step ahead, we need to learn from what we do, to understand what works or does …

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Challenges for Young Engineers/Management Graduates In Organizational Role Taking

Over a period of 3 years MindShare worked with around 1700 young (22-25 years) engineering and management graduates to help them make a successful transition from the world of academics to the world of work. Our work has enabled us to gain deep insights into the social, psychological and structural complexities of transition and the great care individuals and organizations …

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The Maturity of Performance Management Practices – A Research Based Evaluation

  Background  MindShare was commissioned by International Labour Organization and SCOPE to carry out a research based evaluation of the performance management practices in central public sector organizations. The study covered 12 organizations representing seven sectors and involved administration of a standardized questionnaire to a sample of 1268 executives in the junior, middle and senior management categories. The data was …

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Effective Use of Affirmative Programmes in the Professionalization of women in India’s Public Sector

Globalization has created unprecedented opportunities for growth and expansion. It has also led to greater competitive pressures as organizations compete with each other for market dominance and leadership. In the aftermath of economic reforms in India, public sector organizations have lost the comfort of a monopoly position and have increasingly been exposed to pressures of a market economy. The PSUs …

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Evolving Issues in Late Career Transition

Traditional perceptions in regard to the meaning attributed to career and its management have dramatically changed in the last three decades or so. Fueled by the onslaught of the economic growth, these changes have led to developments that are as exhilarating as they are traumatic and painful. Exhilarating – because the range of opportunities from economic growth has yielded discoveries …

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