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Challenges for Young Engineers/Management Graduates In Organizational Role Taking

17062009603Over a period of 3 years MindShare worked with around 1700 young (22-25 years) engineering and management graduates to help them make a successful transition from the world of academics to the world of work.

Our work has enabled us to gain deep insights into the social, psychological and structural complexities of transition and the great care individuals and organizations need to exercise in designing and managing on-boarding processes that mitigate career derailment and minimize serious and unintended consequences.

We have organized our insights into career transition related themes and models that reflect multiple ways in which individuals and organizations approach the process of on-boarding and the consequences, both functional and dysfunctional, these approaches produce.

One of the critical themes in career transition is the process of role taking. The following diagram illustrates 4 different approaches, typically adopted by individuals and organizations in role taking, and the consequences each approach produces. These 4 approaches stem from the intersection of the new entrant’s attitudes  (Reactive vs. Proactive) and the formal processes organizations use in assigning individuals to roles (Assigned vs. Negotiated).

The diagram delineates constructive and positive actions for successful career transition.



About Ashok Bhat

Ashok Bhat
Ashok Bhat is a management consultant, trainer and teacher. He has more than three decades of experience in anchoring a large number of initiatives in HR systems and processes, change management, training and development, organizational diagnosis and redesign across private, public, government and non-government organizations. Ashok can be reached at: ashokbhat@mindsharehr.com

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