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About Us

Purpose and Essence
Circle symbolizes space ensconced in harmony; infinite in time and motion and symbolizing the integrity of character, the depth of shape and identity. Its smooth and seamless contours signify alignment between the internal and external; a fine balance between the competing forces of stability and turbulence.
The logo of MindShare is a cluster of five partially intersecting circles held in harmony within a circular domain and connected to a core purpose at the center. Each circle exemplifying a living mind; separate, yet connected in shared endeavour to a common core. Each circle seemingly discrete with distinct style and context. Each circle full, replete and unique and yet a part of the mosaic of seamless communion; a timeless symbol of synergy, motion and continuity.

The logo reflects the power of connected minds. The power of unconditional intent. The power of commitment to the core ideology that shapes vision and goals and drives purposeful action.

The logo represents MindShare’s vision of leveraging the shared energy for catalyzing, unleashing and actualizing individual and collective purpose, aspirations, talents and motivations -all critical processes in building and sustaining institutional capabilities.
Our Vision
Our vision is to help client organizations customize HR strategies, systems and processes to their unique context. In doing so, we will demonstrate uncompromising commitment in maintaining a fine balance between purity of form and pragmatism. This commitment is an expression of the professional ethics that will inform our approach to consulting. We will eschew solutions that are expedient and unoriginal or are mere replications from unrelated domains. We will deploy an approach to HR consulting that is evidence based and anchored on reliable systems and processes; that has conceptual rigour and application flexibility in equal measure.
MindShare has experts with professional qualifications and extensive industry experience. In addition, MindShare has access to a large number of experts with diverse qualifications and expertise who can be contracted for assignments on need basis.