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The Algorithm That Tells the Boss Who Might Quit

Companies including Wal-Mart, Credit Suisse and Box are analyzing an array of data points to determine who is likely to leave. The idea is for managers to have early warning so they can take action before employees jump ship. Talent Acquisition & Development Read the complete article

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The State of HR Technology in Europe

Elearnity and HRN Europe conducted a survey on the Critical Realities for 2015 in HR Tech in Europe. Here is a glimpse of the findings. You can download the full report here.Access the full report. Strategic HRM Read the complete article

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Diversity Management Is the Key to Growth: Make It Authentic

Diversity management is the key to growth in today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace. No longer can America’s corporations hide behind their lack of cultural intelligence. Organizations that seek global market relevancy must embrace diversity – in how they think, act and innovate. Diversity can no longer just be about making the numbers, but rather how an organization treats its people …

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Morgan Stanley Survey Finds Sustainable Investing Poised for Growth

Over seventy percent of active individual investors (71%) describe themselves as interested in sustainable investing, and nearly two in three (65%) believe sustainable investing will become more prevalent over the next five years, according to a… Corporate Social Responsibility Read the complete article

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15 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats

LinkedIn launched in 2003, Facebook launched in 2004, and Twitter launched in 2006. Now more than a decade into the Social Web, the use of social networks still continues to grow worldwide and will… Non-Governmental Organizations Read the complete article

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